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I had a meal in the morning, walked with my mother to exercise, and went to the drugstore to buy some masks, alcohol and other things, because it's a very time I dare not go too far.


I wear a double-layer mask to prevent the virus. I wear a bulky down jacket to prevent cold. When I walk on the quiet asphalt road in the community, the adults and children are gone. There is no noise in the community square in the past. "Hey, because of the invasion of the coronavirus, I have to take shelter at home.".


Out of the gate of the community, there are a few private cars running on the road. Police cars and special police cars patrol on the road, almost no pedestrians can be seen. Occasionally, one person is also armed, wearing a mask and a hat. The whole road seems to be in a biochemical crisis without the usual traffic.


When she came to the drugstore, the salesman was also a fully armed aunt. She wore a three-layer mask, disposable gloves, disposable foot covers, and only two eyes were exposed outside. Many medicines on the shelf were sold out of stock. I asked about the masks, alcohol and cold medicine. Before I finished, the aunt of the drugstore waved her hand, "no, none, alcohol, cold medicine and anti-inflammatory medicine. The masks were out of stock two days ago, and the materials were transported to the forefront of the anti-virus hospital.". No way, my mother and I went to the next few drugstores and got the same result.


It seems that the epidemic situation is not as simple as expected. It is fierce. In order to be safe, does Puyang City seal the city and prevent outsiders from coming in? Do all the people in the city stay at home and escape the disaster situation safely?



This rat Spring Festival is as warm as before, but it's so different.


At this time of the Spring Festival last year, maybe I was following my family, happily huddled in the crowd of Yujie in the Southern Song Dynasty, eating sugar gourd, and competing with my sister for sugar man. In the crowd, the tourists from all over the world are beaming with joy.


At this time of the Spring Festival last year, maybe I was in my hometown of Longyou. My grandparents were busy living in the yard. The zongzi leaves in my grandma's hands were flying up and down. A few times, they were folded like a "green awning boat". Glutinous rice, soy sauce meat and taro chips were successively clipped into this "green awning boat", and then a red cotton thread was used to wrap them up in a circle and tie them up firmly. Our children are running around the alley in groups, driving the chickens who don't know who they are. They are very happy.


This year, however, is not the same as before. Under the novel coronavirus high streets and back lanes, we can not go to the streets and streets, we can not visit relatives and friends. The state calls on us not to go out, not to visit friends, and the streets and alleys and even the whole city are short of fireworks. Many village roads in the countryside have been sealed, and villagers respond to the call and stay at home. Our winter vacation has also been extended for many days. In order not to delay the learning process of our primary and secondary school students, the education system, our school and various training courses have started online teaching. What we can do is to exercise ourselves, to stick to the clock in and to improve our immunity, which my mother said is also contributing to the society.


During the Spring Festival, the city of Wuhan was closed, and the people of the whole country united. Within a few days, the hospitals of huoshenshan and leishenshan were built in Wuhan, where the epidemic broke out, which is worthy of being called the "construction maniac" by other countries in the world. After the letter of invitation was made by medical staff from all over the country, many batches of "regardless of pay, regardless of life and death" rushed to Wuhan. Chinese friends from all over the world continued to donate disaster relief materials to China, and celebrities from large domestic enterprises poured in donations. People all over the country work so hard, and I should give my share! So, under the guidance of my mother, I donated my new year's money on Taobao's "go to Wuhan" to fulfill the obligations of a middle school student.www.zuowenla.cn


What is the cause of such a serious epidemic? I see in the news that the new coronavirus comes from wild animals. It must be because of our wanton plunder and excessive demand for nature, and nature once again warns us. I really want to make a loud appeal to stop damaging the natural environment, hunting wild animals and over exploiting natural resources We really need to think about how to live in peace with nature.


Because the novel coronavirus has become different from this Spring Festival, and has become a foreign minister. May spring come as soon as possible, and all is well!

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