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  On Saturday morning, the mother to the street when creating civilized city volunteer, I want my mother to go with me.

  In the street, my mother and I are same, chest wearing the brand of volunteers, see the Windows on both sides of the street there are disorderly stick over a small advertising let the owner to remove it; See the floor with paper scraps, pick it up in the bin.

  , in front of a small shop has a hurried walk uncle just throw of the finished cigarette butts on the ground, was I saw a pair of "critical", I hurriedly ran to say to him: "uncle, would you please pick up the cigarette butts? We want to be a civilized citizen". Uncle smile at me, al Jefferson said: "good, good, good," and bent down to throw cigarette butts picked up in the bin. At that time, my in the mind to mention how happy. In addition, I also stopped a lot on the side of the road is not according to the parking space vehicles.

  After a busy morning, I found I have jurisdiction over the road, road clean, neat, orderly vehicle parking, I am very happy, because I also can contribute to create civilized city.






  Today I have an appointment and good friend lingling, clean village of advertising.

  I and all that she started to get something on a piece of iron. Let's clean up the old AD, in the first layer we blow ah, dig ah dig, a long time to clean up a few. All of a sudden, I remembered we also with iron bars, asked her: "your tools?" "Thank you for reminding me, my hands are going to pick bad!" Cleared this layer, we decided to clean up the small ads on the cabinet, in order to avoid delivery people can't see the number and send the wrong paper.

  We came to the front of the new cabinet, I haven't had time to speak, she couldn't wait to take a small iron to pick small ads, I quickly stopped her, said: "you use iron, not broke cabinet? It's counterproductive!" "Yes, it is considerate of you want to get the little rabbit head!" She smiled and margination patted my little head. So, we have to dig with the hand, although the hand is very painful, but watching the clean cabinet, turned off the idea of early we left outside the cloud nine. "Heaven help me, the little advertising too hard to dig," I'll help her in the past, under our joint efforts, the "snake oil" finally get down, don't early, it has grown dark, we sang songs, went home happily.

  This day is meaningful!






  Sweep the stairs, seems to be a very common thing, but it brings me a lot of feelings. Before winter vacation, we came to the neighborhood to apprentice activity, and our task is to sweep the stairs.

  Normally, I in the home is an "eye", seldom do household chores, that just began to sweep a little do not know how to start. Before didn't work, I found that the public stair is very messy, there are some waste paper, garbage, there are a lot of dust. I can't help but give birth to a touch of disgust. However, I still matters. I from top to bottom and from bottom to top, back and forth several times to already was too tired to full head big sweat, faint. I saw on the third floor corridor is very dirty, then hurriedly picked up a broom and dustpan, carefully swept down from the upstairs down the stairs. And for a long time, ran ran down on the stairs, I head a little dizzy, carelessly almost wrestling, I heart fibrillation fibrillation, thought, is not swept. But look at other students already full head big sweat, but it is still trying to sweep the stairs. I was determined to continue to sweep the stairs. People say that the most glorious labor, I think this is the best reason to comfort themselves, hum, edge sweep the stairs.

  At this time already clean many stairs. Looking at his own work achievement my heart is happy. Suddenly, I understand the purpose of the event: trains the student to love labor good habits and consciousness of protecting the environment and dedicated spirit. Indeed, as a primary school student, is should have these qualities. If without them, and learn again good, also is not a good student of all-round development. So, I have more power, picked up the broom, humming a little song, continue to sweep up the stairs to seriously, though it is hard process but the harvest is great.

  I am from the little thing, learned a lot. Here, I want to say to all: the earth is my home, environmental protection depends on everybody, not everyone work together, it is impossible to improve sanitation. Although I don't understand the technology, also do not know the importance of high-tech, but I know a little, some high-tech pollution is very serious, why don't you improve it? I also know that now there are a lot of people to participate in the activities, but rather some weak power, I hope there are more and more people can participate in, the earth regained vigor!











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